Brainypack®– Miljövänliga transportförpackningar

På denna sida presenterar vi en helt ny transportlösning i plast - BRAINYPACK.

Denna unika lösning kan vi sälja från enstaka styck upp till normal förpackning om 2000 styck.
Finns i storlekarna 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 och 20 liter och lagerhålles hos vår leverantör i Tyskland i vitt och transparent utförande . Välkommen att höra av er för mer information och prover.

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BRAINYPACK® - the smart flexible packaging for a variety of fillings up to 20 L in size, with reduced waste and enhanced user convenience.

Technical Data:

  • Volume: 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20 L
  • Spout: diameter 31mm (DIN40) and 50mm (DIN60) with tamper-evident screw cap
  • Option: child-proof
  • Optics: transparent or opaque
  • Print: Flexo, Digital and Rotogravure – up to 10 colours


  • uses fewer raw materials, less energy and water to manufacture – an excellent sustainable profile
  • increases transportation efficiency with empty packages shipping flat, potentially lowering CO2 emissions
  • filled package has excellent stand-up stability
  • offers excellent shelf appeal with excellent billboard space; graphic design options include four printable sides, see-through windows and excellent optics
  • ability to ensure complete emptying of the package
  • integrated durable handles offer easy handling and precision pouring (no „glugging“)
  • re-closable cap and different fitment options offer variety of dispensing and re-closing options
  • discarded packaging material takes up less receptacle space than comparable alternative rigid packaging
  • lowers waste removal costs
  • conforms with food contact regulations
  • optional UN and chemical approval




  • cooking oils
  • condiments
  • sauces, soups
  • syrups, water, juices
  • rice, grains
  • breakfast cereals
  • dry baking products
  • coffee (beans, grounded)
  • dry pet food
  • etc



  • paint, coatings
  • cleaning products
  • motor oil
  • additives
  • seeds
  • cat litter
  • road salt
  • windshield liquid, de icer
  • fine aggregates (filter sand)
  • etc

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  • easy handling
  • excellent shelf
  • appeal excellent
  • stand-up stability

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