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Cone top cans / Bottles – the all-purpose genius of metal packaging

You are looking for packaging that is good for virtually anything? You’ve just found it. With the cylindrical bottle, you certainly can’t go wrong, as it combines the features required for a variety of applications.

A bottle made of tinplate effortlessly manages the balancing act from chemical-technical to food. The UN approval turns the bottle into packaging for hazardous goods, ideal for chemical-technical products. The proper closure makes the bottle childproof and thus perfect for pharmaceuticals. And your edible oil is filled in a user-friendly, and cylindrical bottle with a special interior varnishing and an innovative spout, which we have developed exclusively to enable exact and drip-free dosing.

We can make the design of the bottle compelling: excellent printing quality, embossing anywhere on the bottle, or spot varnishing to highlight specific design elements. Your product will stand out at the point of sale.

Your customers will always be able to empty the bottle of any residue with ease, re-close it as often as they want, and appreciate the feeling of holding it in their hand. It goes without saying that this packaging protects your product and guarantees consistent quality and a long shelf life.

As tinplate is 100% recyclable, you can contribute towards protecting the environment.

Any questions about our cylindrical bottles? Please contact our BIPAC team.

Standard DATA

• Tamper-evident closure and easy resealing after initial opening
• Also available as a screw-can bottle made of 100% tinplate
• Excellent residual emptying
• Optionally available with dangerous goods certification
• Custom design options enabled by high-quality printing and embossing
• Optional use of an interior protective varnishing suitable for food
• Standard bottles in stock for immediate delivery Example of standard products

Example of standard products

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