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Open-top cans - safe packaging, easy to open

Open-top cans you are the right choice for a variety of applications, or as a sustainable secondary packaging solution.

Our open-top cans made of tinplate are available in various diameters and heights with volumes ranging from 100 ml to 3500 ml. No matter which size you choose, we have a broad range of standard lids available, including classic open-top lids, steel and foil peel-off tops.

Your product requires a special interior varnishing? No problem. Simply specify the requirements and we will deliver a packaging solution with the appropriate interior varnishing.

You would like to differentiate your product at the point of sale? Here, too, you will be making the right choice with an open-top can. Printing provides high-quality results with unique brilliance. We design open-top cans specifically according to your requirements.

As with all packaging made of tinplate: our open-top cans are 100% recyclable

Any questions about our open-top cans? Contact BIPAC team for more help.

Standard DATA

Diameters (from/to):
52 – 153 mm 

Heights (from/to):
55 – 280 mm

Filling volumes (from/to):
100 – 3.500 ml


Suitable for:

 • Large selection of lids available
• Custom design options enabled by high-quality printing
• Optional use of an interior protective varnishing suitable for food
• Standard cans in stock for immediate shipping

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